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Come to your senses was a monthly radio show that aired on Good Times Bad Times community radio, Rotterdam from June 2021 until September 2022.

Through voice, sound, and song Come to your senses explored senso-r-eality; poetic capacity; cosmic entanglement; and beyond — it also acted as a-kind-of-notion-device or sort-of-diary for my life, research, and art practice.

Link includes access to my sound/mix/research archive, running back to 2013 


CTYS EP. 01: The time is late morning in early summer
aired June 16, 2021 — Rotterdam, Netherlands (live)

CTYS EP. 02: Reasonable, mortal women
aired July 28, 2021 — recorded in Reykjavik, Iceland
a show about feminist futures

CTYS EP. 03: The way the wind brushes the grasses
aired September 8, 2021 — recorded in Kabeliai, Lithuania
a show focused on the character of the Ramblin’ “Man” and it’s many, itinerant aspects

CTYS EP. 04: power and mysteries (moon-child)
aired October 6, 2021 — Rotterdam, Netherlands (live)
a show about the moon

CTYS EP. 05: when you look out of your eyes (OH YOKO)
aired November, 2021 — Rotterdam, Netherlands (live)
a tribute show dedicated to Yoko Ono

CTYS EP. 06: like rocks, immersed in your body of water aired December 15, 2021 — recorded in Victoria, Gozo, Malta
a back-and-forth song-playing, vibe-creation session with artist and love-dove, Bergur Anderson

CTYS EP. 07: EARTH as a being
aired January 26, 2022 — Rotterdam, Netherlands
a show about the Earth as a body (celestial, corporeal, otherwise)

CTYS EP. 08: Dropping a line
aired February 23, 2022 — Rotterdam, Netherlands
the much anticipated, long-awaited CTYS call-in show-woow-woow-woooooow

CTYS EP. 09: I, who long to drink the water at the source of the spring (PROTEST and HEALING songs)
aired March 23, 2022 — Rotterdam, Netherlands
a show about protest/healing song/ideas and their subversive/dissadent potentials

CTYS EP. 10: Come on tender hearts
aired on April 20, 2022 — recorded in Rotterdam, mixed in Athens
a tarot reading show

CTYS EP. 11: for my baby, whom i love
aired on May 19, 2022 — Rotterdam, Netherlands
a show about love and love-mixes, and itself a love-mix dedicated to Bergur Anderson

CTYS EP. 12: end times
aired September 8, 2022 — the final episode xo