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Surviving a Week in the Wilderness: a guide for transient survivalists, 2013 
printed in an edition of 100

So you find yourself in a survival situation. Whether you’re adrift in shark-infested waters, orphaned amongst the tangled vines of the Amazon, or wandering the ruins of a fallen civilization, it is important to identify your resources, to consider your options, and above all, to keep your head! Though you may have arrived here as a victim of circumstance, or by your own design, you will need some basic advice and direction to make the most of your situation. You can take comfort in the fact that many a brave adventurer before you has found herself in positions far more acute than your own, and your obstacles are surmountable.

Bootlegged chapter from Japanese Death Poems
printed in an edition of 50
given away for free as a publication/release accompaniment 

Installation views, Surviving a Week in the Wilderness, Sunset Terrace, Vancouver, Canada, December 2013