katrina niebergal
come, memory
— dancer’s slab
— close up: crab
— there is a well...
— this is a wave
— flowers
— the figure of a woman
— card carrying saint

Flowers, 2019
Glazed ceramic, foam, dyed canvas, grommets, wood, glass crystal, modified telephone with arduino,
looped sound
Installation dimensions variable

A viewer — “you” let’s say — walk into a room — and you meet a kind of landscape of these ceramic wreaths couched in foam — all snug, packed to themselves — the materials, I mean. You meet this little slough of sculptures, and you kind of make your way through it. They’re strewn and clustered and make a bit of a path for you to step around. And you have to get down to inspect them, if you want to, because they’re on the floor. And beyond them, a little ways back, is a canvas tent — and inside it’s a bit dark, but the ceiling is all hung with chandelier crystals, and they’re chucking their little rainbows all around the room. And inside too is a lone telephone table, with a telephone, and an ashtray, you see? And you can, if you want, pick up the phone...

PDF of text for work by:
Lisa Robertson, Prolegomena to Flowers